Podcasting Test

This My Podcasting Test, The Music Get From Garageband.com.

Now, Enjoy it.

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A Good Man: Srey Kimheng

 Look honest, Quiet, and trust man.

He’s from cambodia, and as the same as Paioum, They are Pelong to SRP ( Sam Rainsy Party).

He’s job is Mis.

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※ 新時代的高規格男女攻防第一守則:」Good Anser is Good Anser, No Anser is Great Anser.」

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About We






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I got a lot from CALD workshop

I feel there’s some solution for me through the workshop
Especially, the topic of the today 「Blog」
1. You need Niche: something relevant for your audio to SCAN your publishing.
2. You need your point: 1 paragraph 1 point to grape attention
3. you need to be short and less. Try to makes that powerful.

I didn’t really knows the different between blog and other applications
I used that as another small website.
Now I know what’s next.

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Tonight Schedule (09/07)

Huaxi St. Tourist Night Market

2006/09/07 PM 21:30 – PM 23:30

Traffic choice and cost:
MRT(Taipei Main Station –> Longshan Temple) or TAXI
MRT NT$:20 for 1 Way per person
TAXI approx. NT$:100 for 1 Way per  3-4 people

21:30, Lobby for everyone who interesting to participate.

1. Please prepare cash: They don’t accept credit card in the night-market.
2. We need volunteers who can speak chinese to lead us, incase everyone want to buy different things
3. Takes the small card of MRT direction in your room with you before we gatheing, and we strong suggest that you bring the card of hotel.
4. There’s various ways of purchase ticket of MRT, but we suggest that you can buy returning ticket (because one way here in MRT system means go there and No return)
5. remember to bring the umbralla with you (in your room)
6. Basic conversation in Night market in Chinese:
Boss = lao ban
Hi, How are you = ni-hao
How Much? = duo-shao-qian
Too expensive = tai-gui-le
Great or wonder = tai-hao-le
Cost Down a bit? =  zai-bian-yi-dian
Other Colors? = you-bie-zhong-yan-se-ma
I Want to buy ?? pieces = wo-yao-(??)-ge
How To Go to MRT Station? =
Thanks =
Sorry = dui-bu-qi or pye-she

MRT - Longshan Temple Map

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